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Death is not the end. When the shell ceases to live, the soul is released. Some go to eternal paradise, others find damnation, doomed to forever suffer in agony. However, there are those who refuse to move on. It could be that they fear judgment, or perhaps they have unfinished business. Either way, they stay behind using the emotions and energy of living to keep their souls on earth.


That feeling of someone watching, an inexplicable yet overwhelming sadness, a sudden cold chill, the strong need to flee in terror when an inanimate object seems to move on its own. A lost soul could be nearby. Or possibly another being. It could be a Projectionist.

When a soul faces judgment but hasn't done enough good to go to heaven or enough bad to go to hell, they are given an important job back on earth. These are the Projectionists, bounty hunters who can leave their bodies to collect those fleeing judgment. The problem is that most souls, especially the ones who have been on the run for a while, won't give up so easily.

A Bounty of Souls offers an endless possibility of stories and adventure with an original rolling system requiring only one roll of a twelve-sided die, sometimes two dice, and a little simple arithmetic. This makes for a quick-paced and thrilling experience with rules that can be easily modified to create vivid worlds for the Narrator (AKA Dungeon Master, Storyteller, Game Master, etc) and their players to take part in the ultimate struggle between good and evil. Whichever side you work for is up to you.

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If you're interested or just have a question, contact us!

Testers are asked to let us know if:

  • you find any typos, misspellings, and/or confusing parts.

  • you find something not working in the mechanics.

  • you have any ideas for stuff to add.

  • you have recommendations of what charts, rules, and/or notes would be needed for a Narrator screen.

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